"If learning the truth is his goal ...... He must make himself an enemy of all that he reads."
Ibn al-Haytham

About the Library : Villa College Library staff supports learning and guides in finding information and research. The library is equipped with some of the leading and most recent books from a range of disciplines. It also provide e-library services which you can access from the comfort of your own home.

By login into your account. You can gain access to:

  • User Summary (what books the user has checked out)
  • Fines/Credit (User's lost items, fines, fees, new library cards, etc)
  • Personal Details
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  • Change Password
  • Reading History (previously checked out books)
  • Lists
  • Searching for an item
    To search for a book, Type the title or name of the author on the search bar provided. The advanced search can be accessed by the link underneath the basic search bar, or by clicking 'Go' with an empty search bar. Up to three criteria can be entered:
  • Keyword
  • Author
  • Language
  • Publisher
  • Publisher Location
  • Subject
  • Title
  • Series Title
  • ISBN
  • Call Number

  • A publication year or range of publication years can be set.
    The search can also be limited to:
  • Books
  • Computer Files
  • Continuing Resources
  • Maps
  • Mixed Materials
  • Music
  • Reference
  • Visual Materials
  • The location and availability of results can be set, and the results can be sorted in a specific way. There is a [More Options] button at the bottom of the advanced search page with further options. Press the [New Search] button to clear the search page.
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    How to be a Member
    You have to be a student of Villa College
    or Villa High School to be a member of the library

    Use the Student E-mail ID to register online.

    If you don't have Student E-mail ID, visit the college library and borrow a book,
    Read and fill out the form given by the librarian
    Provide the contact details

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